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Cutting-Edge Custom Machining in Winnipeg

Aerospace, the railways, agriculture, plastic film, advanced technology – these industries have projects passing through our established, modern, machine-shop facility on a regular basis. Our ability to provide restoration services, or design to custom specifications, at such a high degree of competence is why Standard Machine Works can claim such a vast list of satisfied clients.

It’s a matter of investment. In people. In knowledge. In training. In our ability. Our shop possesses an unusually high journeyman-to-apprentice ratio to ensure that experience and skill go into every project.

Our staff is experienced in delivering the services that you need, including:

High-tolerance capable
Machining, grinding and repair on all types of metals, rubber, plastics and ceramic
Heat treating
Die sinking (EDM service)
C.N.C. milling
C.N.C. lathe
Custom tool and fixture fabrication

So many industries, so many differences. We’ve made ourselves the linchpin that connects them all. Contact us today to discuss your machining needs.

Welding Services

Our team of skilled workers can weld any materials including stainless steel and various alloys.

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