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Complete Welding Shop in Winnipeg

We’ll weld anything, anywhere. Our versatility is as strong as our welds. Whether it’s creating a bond between two surfaces, one that will bear weight, one that will possess strength, or simply building up a surface that has worn, Standard Machine Works can weld practically any surface and any material.

Our welding fabrication shop covers all the bases, and creates a few new ones:

CWBW47.1 certified W59
Tig, Stick and Mig welding
On-site or off-site service available
Repairs and modifications to forklift masts, steering axles, load rests, tables, racks, ladders, buckets and more
Custom fabrication

Talk to us – we’ve made a reputation for creative applications.

Machinery & Maintenance

Standard Machine Works offers comprehensive millwright services for all machines.

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