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Devoted Millwright Department in Winnipeg

Sometimes you need a little help; sometimes a lot. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could access skilled, competent, experienced staff easily? You can!

Regardless of the degree of involvement required, our millwright service can assist with the installation and removal of equipment, equipment repair, and even on-site maintenance schedules. You have the need and we have the skills, tools and resources to get the job done – economically and expediently.

Our millwright services consist of:

On-site millwrighting
Evaluation, re-evaluation, implementation of modifications to increase efficiency wherever possible

The really great thing about our millwright department is that when you need them, they become your millwright department – committed to getting the job done, and done right! Contact us today.

Project Management

Our knowledgeable sales operations team and our network of business partners help to manage your project logistics efficiently.

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